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Your Computer Specs

Yo guys, I'm really starting to get into this rig building deal. Oddly enough, despite working as a web developer since 2011, I never really had an interest in hardware. Of course you don't need performance to create websites, that's for sure, but usually they have interests in these sorts of things.


So I've decided to build a computer over a certain period of time, on a certain budget. My goal is to get the most performance per dollar possible. We have this great auction site here, like our version of eBay and I plan to utilize it. My first part was an Asus Maximus VI Gene motherboard that has never been used, still in box, for half rrp price :) 


Anyway, back in 2012 my boss gave me a desktop to make websites on that I'm still using today. Current specs:

  • 1T HDD space (not SSD x.x)
  • AMD Athlon II X4 640 Processor - 3GHz, fan cooled
  • 8GB Kingston DDR3 RAM (had 16 but one chip was faulty :O)
  • Win8
  • Random Gigabyte motherboard with no USB3.0
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450, 1GB vid memory 
  • Raidmax super viper case, aka productsuperviper02.png


Anyone else interested in building gaming computers or have one already? My new project isn't about playing games, although I wouldn't mind the boost to performance in my GTAV (which looks really good on the above specs anyways), just doing it as a project :)

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[Ace] Chronicles of the Crystal Wars (Demo)

Chronicles of the Crystal Wars


Screenshots and trailer



The official trailer is available on Youtube and on Dailymotion











Genre: Fantasy

Average Demo Time: around 2 hours


Centuries ago, a magical plague known as the miasma appeared, which began to devour the surface of the world. Unable to restrain this scourge, the inhabitants of the surface used another form of magic to extract from the ground a giant island the size of a continent in order to dwell in the sky, where the miasma would never be able to reach them. But this celestial island wasn't big enough for everyone, and thousands were abandoned to the miasma...

Time passed. Through the fires of wars, a kingdom appeared on the flying continent, whose citizens had long forgotten the tragedy of the forced emigration of their ancestors but also the other one, even worse, of the people who stayed behind and had to face the miasma. And everyone lives as happily as possible in a human society.

But it is several years now that the flying continent seems to slowly sink into the Sea of Clouds upon which it is yet supposed to fly. And the nightmare of the miasma surfaces again in the collective memory...

Now, a hero has to go back to the surface below to find a way to revive the apparatus which allows the flying continent to remain above the clouds.


- King Cirrus: the ruler of the kingdom of Arcadia and a quiet man who seems unable to choose any course of action to save his people, so his citizens begin to question his authority and the social order slowly but surely begins to crumble.

- Honorius: the previous commander of the royal guard, recently retired, who kept many friends in the army like if he wants to secure his rear; some say the King kept him closer to him than his own friends, like a monarch is supposed to do with his enemies...

- Alasran: the junior son of Honorius, he's ready to anything to prove his worth to his father; he'll volunteer to scout the surface and, unvoluntarily, will trigger the events which will plunge the flying continent into chaos...

- Sirius: childhood friend of Alasran, he knows well Honorius' family; good-spirited, he's not naive for all that...

- Joseph: a soldier of the Arcadia army who makes up for his lack of experience with determination and strength.

- Annalys: member of the resistance against the Vulcania regime, this young warrior girl hides a dark secret.

- Evan: another resistant, who doesn't talk much and tends to impose silence with his sole, massive presence.

- Lyvi: although friendly and talkative, this young resistant is above all a skilled thief and assassin.


Yanfly (Parallax Lock script, Event Chase Player script, Ace Battle Engine script, Command Autobattle script)
Yami (Overlay Mapping script)
Vlue / V. M. of D. T. (Basic Autosave script)
Soulpour777 (Gameover Commands script)
Galv (Region Effects script)
Modern algebra (Website Launch from Title script)
PandaMaru (sitting cat sprite + wolves battlers)
Matseb2611 (Death theme B-E.png tilesheet)
Tasharene (stormy sky photo) (footsteps sound effects) (pump sound effect)
D. C. Kairi Sawler (Yawning Sunlight & A Time Forgotten music tracks)
Aaron Spencer (Seeking Loot music track) (Take a Chance music track)
all other ressources used are by me and only me


I could use some help, so if you think you can provide any of the following services, feel free to contact me; for this project being commercial, I will share any income.

Character Designer: you’ll be in charge of giving an aspect to every character which appears in the game, even briefly; although I use simple portraits in the demo, I’d like for the characters pics to be busts, and preferably with different facial expressions and body posings to match different circumstances and emotions.

Proof Reader/Grammar Nazi: although I do my best to provide a satisfying english, this language is not my native one and there’s very probably far much more faults in the various dialogs than it should, so any help will be immensely appreciated.

PR Guy: you know, the guy who will be keeping the followers in touch, in here but also on FB and Twitter as well as on IndieDB, and RMN too…


- custom backgrounds, parallaxes and battle backs made with 3DS Max (see attached screenshots).
- magical or steampunk mechas  ^^
- heavily story driven game: for this RPG being essentially narrative, do not expect an open-world experience with plenty of side-quests like in Skyrim or a dungeon-crawler game such as Diablo. If you don’t like games where you have to follow some tracks, then –by all means– do NOT play it because it is not for you –you’ve been warned.

Download (333 Mb)


- from RMN

- from Mega




Official Devblog




Steam Greenlight

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Just a little bug I drew, feel free to use in any game, no credit needed, just don't claim that you drew it.

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Map name

I was scrolling through some sample maps online for inspiration and came across this. I think the map name in the top left looks really cool. Does anyone know of a script that will allow me to do something similar?

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Map Feedback

Hey! I made a desert oasis map today for my game. Would you guys mind taking a look and telling me what you think? 

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DoubleX RMVXA Targeting Hotkeys Compatibility

Fixes compatibility issues in DoubleX RMVXA Targeting Hotkeys

DoubleX published a Script in Scripts / RPG Maker VX Ace / Gameplay Scripts

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DoubleX RMVXA Targeting Hotkeys

[code]# Lets you set some hotkeys to speed up skill/item target selections |[/code]

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Eric Matyas published a Forum Topic in Forums / Resource Showcase & Critique

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Free Music Resource

Hi everyone,

I've got a site up with free music that you can use in your games. It's all original...all my own work. All I ask is to be credited as indicated on my homepage:

I sincerely hope my tracks are helpful. Any and all feedback is welcome and appreciated.

All the best,

imattmorrie published a Forum Topic in Forums / RPG Maker VX Ace Requests

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NEW Battle System (Request)(Suggestion)

Hi! I'm suggesting/requesting a new battle system like from the game POCKET HEROES.


What battle system Pocket Heroes has:

- please watch this video


-  Until now I think nobody still made a battle system like this

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Goonlalagoon published a Development Blog Post in Games / RPG Maker XP / Hogwarts / Blog

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20/05/2015 - Update

Features added
  • Basic item categories
  • Improved some shops

It's been a busy few months, and haven't had much time to work on RPG stuff. Mostly, I've managed to fix a few minor bugs and started implementing an item category script. I may not have much time in the next few months, but will be trying to do bits and pieces when I can.

Ryan Ferris published a Development Blog Post in Games / RPG Maker XP / Machine Made: Rebirth / Blog

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Machine Made: Rebirth (Alpha, Newsletter, Kickstarter Update)

Hey guys!

Open Alpha has been released to the testing team and so far it's running smoothly and we couldn't be happier with the massive boost of content that we've had from everyone on the development team, even the newcomers have been hard at work to provide great images, music and a play experience for all to enjoy. I'm floored at how fast this project is coming together and cannot express my happiness at how things have grown from the foundation that I started with this project.

We're planning a Kickstarter development newsletter that will include concept art, new music as well as our goals for the next month of development, as Kickstarter is almost a guaranteed success... it's a dream come true and we're looking forward to sharing the story with you all -- if you haven't checked out our Kickstarter yet, visit us at https://www.kickstar...e-made-rebirth!

There will be new rewards implemented after the newsletter is released so stay tuned for those exciting opportunities as well...

Thanks and Cheers!

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Character Faces Needed

Hi, my name is Ardaceus (aka Ardi for short), I am working on a game called Wonder's War on the Rpg VX Ace game maker platform. I've been able to find most resources for my game by either purchasing or making them, and I've been whizzing by in the production area for it because of it. But I'll be honest, drawing something that is not cartoonish is outside of my comfort zone when it comes to drawing things. I've asked my friends who are amazing artists to help me with making the character's faces, even if it was just on paper, I do have experience recoloring things. But after the first drawing I've gotten, they've been not a lot of help when it comes to it. So I'm relying on myself and kind people on the internet for help with my game.


So I'm here to ask of this if anyone is willing to be so kind, if they would draw faces for exactly 28 characters in my game. There are far more characters in my game, but far more, and not as important as these 28. The thing that has to resemble about all of them is that they all need to be in the same art style, I must like them all, and I would prefer it if they had a white background. If I were to receive the faces from you, you must accept that they will be used in a commercial game for profit. I will give out a reward to the one who completes this task, which will be special credits in the game files and on the site page for it, a free copy of the completed game once it is completed, and a 50$ gift card of your choosing (Canadian only). If you are interested in this, comment below, and send down a sample of your style of art drawing, and if I like it, I'll message you. Ardi out.

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Spider Web Animation

Hi guys,
Anyone having a spider web animation that I can use to create the proper animation for standard battle system?
I already searched throughout the forum and the web itself.
If you have one can you suggest me a way or two on how to create a good animation i'm not really good at it.

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Fixed - I need some help with a script.

Hello all on


I just downloaded the Universal Message System by Ccoa v1.8.0 script, so i put it in my project like any other script. And i tried the fit window to text command, and as you can see in the attachment the hight of the text box isnt high enough. Do any of you guys know on what line i should change it so it works correctly?


Hope you guys & gals can help me out.




DoubleX published a Forum Topic in Forums / Game Development General Discussion

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What do you dislike in ATB Systems?

I want to know what are disliked in specific atb systems or the atb system concept in general. Just feel free to share that :)

For instance, I dislike atb systems with:

Fixed atb wait condition - Sometimes I might want to be more relaxed, so I might want the atb wait condition to be true whenever a party member can act(the loosest atb wait condition); Sometimes I might want more challenges, so I might want the atb wait condition to be true only when an action's executing or a message's displaying(the strictest atb wait condition). Therefore as a player, I want to be able to change the atb wait condition on the fly.

Hidden actor atb bars - To me, it's like hiding the actor hp, mp and/or tp bars. As atb bars display their actors' atb values, which is one of the most important information in atb system battles, I want to be able to keep track of them easily. At least, if the actor atb bars are hidden by default, I want to be able to change that to be shown instead.

DoubleX published a Script in Scripts / RPG Maker VX Ace / Title, Save, Load, GameOver Addon

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DoubleX RMVXA Dynamic Data

[code]# Stores the changes to the database done by users during game executions | # Can't be used with data having contents that can't be serialized |[/code]

Ryan Ferris published a Development Blog Post in Games / RPG Maker XP / Machine Made: Rebirth / Blog

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Machine Made: Open Alpha Invites

Open Alpha is currently undergoing testing and we still have places to fill for anyone interested in test driving our game!

This will include updated features from the demo and several hours of extra content.

Message us on here or email me at if you'd be interested in participating in the Open Alpha testing!


Omar510 published a Forum Topic in Forums / Resource Showcase & Critique

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Question for everyone

Now i haven't really released anything here on GDU and i plan to release something later on in the future. However i'm beginning to learn more modelling techniques and learning a tad bit of code in Unity. 

I decided to do a small hallway level in unity and this is what i got.


As you can see i tried to replicate the feeling of horror in Unity. But it ultimately failed in my eyes and didn't have that design idea i had for this horror game. 


My vision is:



With Blender i can create almost anything i want, it's just a matter of learning it and mastering it. Unity doesn't give me any type of limitation that RPG MAKER does give me time to time.

I myself choosed a lackluster engine because it fit my vision of a horror game more then anything else, what is your opinion?

Would like feedback from all of you!

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