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I made a video

So I'm not sure where this post goes... I thought the Artsy side at first, because I think this video can be a kind of "art".


But anyway, I started this video to show a friend a process of how I make a certain drink, and it's shown in this video:


I'm very proud of the hard work that I put into illustrating this process with detail, easy for new makers to understand. So please enjoy and let me know what you think!

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The Eltoria (working title) Trilogy

Genre: RPG, Fantasy, Sci-fi


These games are so incredibly "early development" that it'll probably take over a year or three before I can even post a single screenshot...but I want to share this because I haven't talked about it much (except to a couple friends) and it's something I'll need a lot of help with.

So anyway, here we go...


All three games have different characters and stories and take place over 1,000 years apart. Because of this, they could technically be played in any order, but there is a story that spans all three games.



Part 1


The first game has a kind of late renaissance era setting in terms of technology and things.


Characters I have so far

Unnamed Guy: A soldier in the Regnum army. Regnum is at war with the Elven Empire.


Arcas: A hunter and small shop owner who lives in a small, neutral village. He's half-Elf


Princess Rellia: Daughter of Emperor Raldus of the Elves.


Emperor Raldus Zion: Emperor of the Elven Empire and ruler of about 60% of the world.


???: A mysterious shape-shifting being.


King Unnamed: King of Regnum, the Human kingdom.




Part 2


The second game will be called The Legend of Arcatis. Sound familiar? It should. That's what my old project turned into.

The first game's events eventually lead to the founding of Arcatis a few hundred years later. This game takes place over 1,500 years after it's destroyed and follows three novice mages as they discover the secrets of Arcatis and fight to prevent what happened in Arcatis from happening again.

Strangely, technology has gone backwards about a 100 years or

Note: For some characters, I either haven't come up with a surname for them, or revealing their surname would would spoil part of it.



Axel Alfric: A student (and later graduate) of Silverwood Academy. A school for teens who want to study Mana and/or become powerful mages. Axel is usually pretty friendly and seems like your typical perfect protagonist...except for the fact that he's kind of a coward.


Michael(Mike) Ven: Axel's best friend. While Axel prefers to avoid problems, Mike prefers to punch them in the face. He always gets the two into trouble. He's also very competitive and has to be the best at everything.


Cathy Evans: One of Axel and Mike's classmates. She helplessly watched as her parents were murdered when she was 10. Since then, she's always trying to get stronger and tries to protect anyone she can. Like Mike, she's also very competitive.


Edward Evans: Cathy's older brother. He graduated from Silverwood Academy around the time their parents died. He's very protective of his little sister. He heals people for a living.


Harold Alfric: Axel's grandfather and headmaster of Silverwood Academy. He's very interested in Arcatis and is one of the few experts in the world on it.


Gen. Brandon Ven: Mike's father and general of the Arcata army. He and Axel's father were childhood friends.


Kevin Alfric: Axel's father. He went missing a few years ago and has been presumed dead, but Brandon thinks he's still alive. He used to be a self defense teacher at Silverwood Academy.


Kane: The leader of the Black Knights, an organization looking for the legendary Mana Orb, which is said to be able to grant incredible power and even immortality...Kane doesn't seem like the kind of person who would want that, though...


Jon: 2nd in command of the Black Knights. He's the youngest, but toughest of the four Black Knight generals. Something seems off about him too...


Adrian: 3rd in command of the Black Knights. All he wants is power and will do anything to get it.


Tara: 4th in command of the Black Knights. She's a pretty minor character, unlike the other 3.


King Marcus Connie: Named after, but in NO WAY based on, Marked. He's actually based more on Cornelius Fudge, which is where his last name comes from. He's a terrible king and has other people do all the work for him while he stuffs his face. Ruler of the kingdom of Arcata.


Prince Isaac Connie: Named after Isaacsol.


King Shane Saibhreas: Pronounced "Sai-brus." Named after Ackley14 (aka Shane) and ruler of the kingdom of Ackland. He's a much nicer king and a better ruler than Marcus. His country is the wealthiest and most technologically advanced in the world and is allied with Arcata.


King Luke Zion: Named after Polraudio. Ruler of the kingdom of Polraud. He's racist and stubborn. Elves and magic aren't allowed in his country, which is the most militaristic. They are on the verge of war with the rest of the world.


Queen Elanil Sylvanis: Queen of the Elves, who mostly live in small villages around the world. They have a capital city on an island, however.


Mady: An Elf who joined The Knights of Arcatis (basically what all the good guys are part of about halfway through) to help people and ended up traveling with Axel and the others. Even though she's older, she's the most energetic of the four. She has the ability to transform into different animals, which is a skill only a few people have ever had.


Olrig: An Elf wizard who lead one side of the Arcatis Civil War. He supposedly found a way to become immortal and is returning to finish what he started; the end of the Human race.


James White: A strange Elf who appears periodically throughout the game to either hinder or help Axel and the others. His motives are unclear. (You're gonna love this guy's full backstory)


Sybil: James' Friend? She's some kind of creature that follows James around and helps him out. She seems intelligent and capable of understanding human speech.




Part 3


This game takes place about 1,400 years after the previous game. Technology has advanced far passed what we have today...but no one has been to space for some reason. The Polradian Empire is taking over the world and seems to be unstoppable. (At least they're not racist anymore...)


Characters so far

Note: I can't list all of them, because they're walking spoilers. The same goes for the previous game.


Col. Brian Ven: He joined the Polraudian army in an attempt to rise through the ranks and get closer to the Emperor so he can usurp the throne and use that power to change the world. Sound familiar? *coughFMAcough* A descendant of Mike.


Carin: The leader of a band of thieves who mainly steal from the rich and give to the poor. She's not above taking some for herself though. When she was little, she lost her arms and family when her home town was invaded by Polraud. She had her arms replaced with cybernetic ones and her family replaced by some friends.


Kellen: A graduate of Silverwood University and the head of the Knights of Arcatis research department, who mainly study Dark Mana Crystals and the safest and most efficient ways of tracking them down and destroying them.


Gen. Lana Zephyr: The leader of the Knights of Arcatis, who have tamed dragons in the last 1,400 years they've been around.



Places, Organizations, and things


Note: A few things were left out because I felt like I gave all the info I could in the characters section


Arcatis: A huge city that was built over 1500 years before the second game, The Legend of Arcatis. It took up a huge portion of the world and was home to almost everyone in the world. It was built in an attempt to help Elves and Humans live together peacefully and was ruled by a senate consisting of 50% Elves and 50% Humans.


Arcata: A kingdom from Part 2 that was named after Arcatis. It's ruled by King Marcus and is home to many of the game's main characters.


Marenport: The capital of Arcata. As the name suggests, it was built on the coast. It has the largest sea port in the world. Urbton Academy (a school for pretty much everything) is there as well.


Rovella: The capital of Ackland. Nicknamed The Sapphire City for the giant lake that surrounds it and the giant blue mana crystal in the center of town.


Zadune: The capital of Polraud. It's a big fortress city that's difficult to get into.


Eltiss: The capital city of the Elves in Part 2. It's actually a giant castle the size of a city and would look overgrown and abandoned (due to all the plant life there) if it weren't for all the people.


The Black Knights: A group of people from various backgrounds who are all working together to find the legendary Mana Orb. Possibly to take over the world? It is a small army after all.


The Knights of Arcatis: A group created by the protagonists of Part 2 about halfway through the game. They hunt Dark Mana Crystals and protect people. They lasted over 1,400 years and show up in Part 3 to help out.


Belua: Strange monsters that seem to appear out of no where and attack anyone on site. They can look like just about anything (except inanimate objects. That would be weird). These creatures seem to be made entirely of Mana, as they don't leave a body when killed.


Dark Mana Crystals: Mysterious orbs that appear at random times in random places and change the land around them by spreading Dark Mana. They seem to also spawn super-powered Belua.


Mana Crystals: Round objects made entirely of solid Mana. Similar to Materia in FF7, they act as catalysts for casting spells and things. They make one of two types of magic possible. The other is alchemy, which is used to fuse Mana Crystals to things and create magical weapons and armor.


Eltaira: The planet the games take place on. It has two moons, one of which moves faster than the other.


Elves: Basically just Humans with pointy ears. The two races rarely get along perfectly even though they have very few differences. Elves tend to care more about the environment and are more sensitive to Mana, however.


The Mana Orb: A giant Mana crystal that is said to be hidden in the ruins of Arcatis, deep underground. Legends say that it is capable of granting incredible power, but no one really knows for sure.


Hope I didn't forget anything...



So there ya go. Those are the characters and some story stuff. There's lots more lore and things, but I can't say a lot more without spoiling anything.


Now for the gameplay...

They'll be turn based RPGs similar to Final Fantasy X with some Xenosaga and Disgaea mixed in. I could go into the specifics and give a bunch of details on how AP, TP, SP, MP, HP, etc. would work, but I'm not sure many people want to read that lol.

I plan on adding things like...

A weapon and armor customization system similar to, but bigger than the ones in FFX and FF7.

Monster capturing and training.

Zelda inspired dungeons

Awesome stuff...


So...Any questions? Comments?

Please have questions and comments...

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[VX ACE] Anirone [Demo 1.0]



"When one exceeds his or her limits , one will step into another realm."


     Anirone is a game about a girl name Anirone who has been locked inside a house. She need to find a way to get out of her room by collecting several things in another world. There will be many obstacles along the way, and only you have the power to help her go through them all!! 

General Details
- Use default RTP and some imported resources and scripts.
- Not much storyline as of yet.
- Average play time = 15 minutes.



- Anirone : An ordinary girl that you control.



This is my first game I ever made by RPG Maker VX ACE. So if there's any mistake, I'd like to apologize for that.

Please give me as much advise as you want to.

And you can offer any help to me if you want to.

*Note that this is just the first version of the game,so several changes might me made afterwards when the next version comes out.



Here's the download :

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How important are custom graphics?

Many game development programs like the RPG Maker provide graphics along with the package. People often criticize developers for only using RTP graphics, and I have faced this criticism from my peers. I do respect it. Custom graphics make your game standout as a true original title. Seeing the same RTP graphics in many games takes away your game's image. What will players remember from it? Joe, Mike, and Tim have Ralph's RTP graphics in three different games. How are these characters special? Can they be special if they look the same? The answer is no. A character needs his or her own image for players to quickly recognize the character. We all know who Super Mario is without someone needing to explain who he is to us. 

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Anirone is a game about a girl name Anirone who has been locked inside a house. She need to find a way to get out of her room by collecting several things in another world. There will be many obstacles along the way, and only you can help her go through them all!!

General Details
- Use default RTP and some imported resources and scripts.
- Not much storyline as of yet.
- Average play time = 15 minutes.

This is my first game I ever made by RPG Maker VX ACE. So if there's any mistake, I'd like to apologize for that.

Please give me as much advise as you want to.

And you can offer any help to me if you want to.

*Note that this is just the first version of the game,so several changes might me made afterwards when the next version comes out.

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You are a Pirate! ???

So on a forum I posted a few days ago, there was a talk about piracy.



What is your opinion on piracy?


Should it be acceptable?


Should it be prohibitied?


A bit of Both?


I personally think that in some cases it should never be used. If it is an old file that is inaccessible to the public, that is fine. If the file is of a game that you won't find in a store or would not mean anything if you bought it, like a game which doesn't have much to show or demonstrate about it, that is fine. If it is music, I don't really care for I can find free music on so many websites. If it is a program that doesn't offer a trial, that is fine. If it is from somebody or some company that p***es you off by not providing things for you correctly or incomplete, fine.


I don't agree with not buying a program that you are going to use for a long time, a game which you'll play for loads of hours that isn't a game for something old like the snes or ps1, or to sell out to others for personal gain.


I haven't pirated anything from the pirate bay, but I have used free music downloading websites like... (is there a rule against mentioning websites you can use that offer things you usually have to pay for?)


Definitely pirating is a thing that people can have different opinions about. I would definitely dislike it if people took something hard earned from me for free when I ask for something in return, but I wouldn't do anything about it. I would hate it and do something about it when people use my own work for public use or personal gain when I said that you couldn't or never gave permission.


So how about your own opinion?

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Stop spamming the quotes system

After Bob's status update, I realised that the qutoes section has gone a bit unmoderated. You wouldn't think you need to really moderate it, but unfortunately you guys have posted some stuff that really doesn't need to come through on our main pages.


Here's some examples




And these...




Actually there's tons of these... things I really just don't get. Am I outta touch, or is there no real reference to these?


For your quotes... please use the following guidelines

  • Be mature... think about whether it'll be funny to other people
  • Make sure most people will get the reference
  • Quotes should be inspiring, or funny, and value ought to be obtained from almost everyone who reads.

Keep it classy people.


Here's a good example of an acceptable funny quote that requires a reference:



If people spam the quotes... I'll find you, and tatoo them on your back. :ok:  :thumbsup: 

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Screen Recording? How does one?

I want to make a video of gameplay of my game, but I don't know what is the best recording software for screen capping my game that is free. I tried Ezvid, but nothing worked for me no matter what I did. So what is your suggestion?

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In-game Microtransactions.

On this new blog post i'm writing, i want to cover something that is highly controversial and that is micro-transactions.
Now no one likes these pay to win scams that everyone on the internet hates. I do have my reasons of having them in my game, but also balancing them out properly in the game.

At first we wanted to add a Lives microtransactions due to it being a good idea. But the problem here is that once you lose all your lives you can't play the game until a certain timer could refill all your lives. For me it became something that stopped the fun for me. Waiting for something to have fun again is boring....

So Drew and i decided to do something that we both liked. Having different skins and clothes Microtransactions --
Such as Hair color, Eye color, Clothes, shoes, accessories, and different skins. These things have some enchantments that could help you with the game a bit. But nothing game breaking to say the least.

As a normal player you have access to the game and it's bonus levels. You can get all the lives or power-ups you want free of charge. Even future Expansion DLCs (with a new story-line) is also free from charge. Even though the players will get free content with level DLCs. We will include more customization micro-transaction in the game as the game goes on.

But why Omar, why are you charging us make your character look different? Well it makes the main character look like you want your character to be. Of course that we will have some free items for you to customize your character, but if you want to really make your character look unique then you can ship a small payment. These microtransactions are $0.99
Even though i will get flak for this, it is a market that people like to download free things but pay these small payments.

I stand my ground with these decisions. After-all we do need to make a small profit and all the money we get is important for us for our future.

Any feedback or questions. Feel free to do so.

Please note that this game is mobile only. NOT A PC GAME. i'm highly conscious that games on PC do not have these pay methods and bringing these methods on a PC is ridiculous.

Also Bob, Don't care what you think/say about it. i've heard about it from you enough times lol.

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Discussion - Games Section Quality Control

There's been some talk on the site recently about the lack of quality of some game pages. That's not to put anyone down and suggest their game isn't good, but actual content of the game page. 


So lets brainstorm. I've already got a fair idea of how I'd do it:

  • Anyone can publish a game page, but it doesn't show up in the public listing or show up as a new content item (eg in the forum sidebar, the latest scolly thing, and homepage). 
  • Game pages only show up in these sections when dev's opt-in, ie they have to click a button to request to be listed - this mainly applies to the games sections' public listing. 
  • A moderator has to manually approve the opt-in request based on openly public criteria
    • A demo is present - but this won't be screened. It's up to the dev but there should be at least downloadable content. 
    • A minimum of 4 screenshots 
    • No empty pages / tabs (eg when people have a credits or contact us page but there are no details filled out in this page)
    • Properly set banner/header 
    • Sufficient details in the homepage, including good presentation and use of BBCode.   

What do you guys think? If I implemented this, we'd have to manually go through the games listing and opt-out the low-quality pages, and post feedback and where they need to improve to get approved. I think the main thing is the presentation - you must have enough there to serve as an advertisement for the games, and secondly the presence of the demo. There's a whole bunch of half-ideas in our games section, and this would filter those out, leaving more established games on display, and you know you're going to get more than an idea for each page. 

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So Late! Devblog 6

Oh poop. Sorry, I kind of drifted away from my game for a while, mostly because I didn't know where to go with it. But, I made a second floor, so that's done! And I'm working on another puzzle that'll open some doors. Its a puzzle that involves pushing of objects. And that's basically all I've done these past 6 days. So I'm sorry about that. BUT! I will work on my game more to make up for it. Expect this puzzle to be done in the next Devblog! I know I said I would show a picture in every Devblog but I don't wanna spoil the game *1-smile* Too many maps are being shown folks, too many!
Hope you guys look forward to the next!
New Stuff:
+A second floor!
+Push Puzzle!
+Fixed the stairs more.
Before I fixed them more, the player was able to walk over the railings and it was very unrealistic!

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Machine Made: Rebirth (In-House Alpha Demo Testing, Special Thanks To Troy)

Ladies and gentlemen,

Alpha downloads have been distributed to testers and Kickstarter participants! We on the team are very happy about the current look and feel of Machine Made: Rebirth. After taking a look at the current version of the game, we're very satisfied with what we have to present and have had a lot of fun testing it ourselves. It took us an average of about seven hours to finish playing all the content start to finish that we have programmed so far as it is, which feels substantial as a landmark.

The first person to defeat the last boss of the in-house Alpha Demo (Karth, General of Lilya's Military) was our very own Troy Wiedman, who finished his playthrough in a relatively quick five hours. Karth is a tough boss, even with the best possible skills & equipment, and so I decided to ask Troy about how he was able to emerge victorious.

Q&A with Troy about beating the current version of the game:


Q: Do you have a few words about the experience of beating the Lilyan General?

A: I sure do seeing him vanish was the sign of hope that the battle was possible to win.

And having him locked down in paralysis most of the fight was pretty awesome it made the fight a bit easier to manage.

Though the other general avoided the paralysis but Karth did not I got him after the second Dash Attack.

Q: How long was the battle?

A: The fight took about 20 mins to 30 against karth... I did not time it lol.

Q: And how many tries did it take you to defeat him?

A: Three after the first two attempts on my other file i was like i gotta prepare.

Q: what was the most effective skill for each character?

A: Csb with gauze Tibby with summon Atlas Jovial with particle shield

Atlas was great against earthquake Karth healed him 600 hp

Csb also having weld for himself was a blessing

For Jin it was mediate and dash attack

meditate actually worked when I needed it to so I could hit the first general I hit him for about 2000.


Posted Image

Thank you very much to Troy for doing this for us, and I hope you all are enjoying your copy! If you'd like to get a copy, please email me at and write "Machine Made: Rebirth Testing" in the subject line.


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sprite request-yugioh

Hello there i started working on a Yugioh game for rpg maker vx ace and i would like for someone to make me actor sprites for 3 characters (Tea, Shadi and Yugis grandpa) and a damage sprite for Joey, Thristian and Yugi.



These are the sprites I'm using (as you can see i only found the standing sprite for Tea). I'll be very grateful if anyone would take their time to help me with this.

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New member here. A friend showed me rpg maker so i decided to get it. I'm completely new to this game creating stuff but I think I'm doing pretty well so far.


...and that's it

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Ambitious Game: Ethereality

Hello i'm Omar, Game Designer for Ethereality.
Before i go on, some of you may think that this project has died, the truth is. It hasn't died in anyway shape or form.
However making a game like Ethereality is a big order for a small team as we have many ideas that we want to work on and that takes time. Since Drew and i are making a 3D game for the first time we needed to learn new things and observe art styles to make our vision authentic. We aim to have a game that we ourselves want to play too so everyone can enjoy a game we envisioned.

The key factor is to create a unique experience for our fellow players. Create a game we highly enjoy ourselves.
After-all we are gamers that play video games wether it's on PC or Console.

Back to the main topic which is our game. This game we call, Ethereality is a Mobile only gaming experience.
That we aim to launch at the App Store and Google's Playstore. The game will be for iPhone, ipad and various Android devices as well. Powered with The new Unity 5 engine, we will bring you a Adventure/Fantasy - Platformer.
This will be a game by Ethereal Digital Entertainment.

Ethereal Digital Entertainment(Founded by Omar and Drew(Drago2308) is a software developer that not only focus on Games but on various types of software for mobile and PC. In the near future we will start getting bigger as we get more and more experience with the industry. That aside, here's a few screenshots brought to you by Omar the game director of Ethereality.

First Builds of the game.
Posted Image
Posted Image

Second Build (and decisive) of the game.
Posted Image
*Note tree's are being replace with newer ones to fit art style.

Two variations of tree (To decide art style)
Posted Image

Posted Image

Even though it looks good, we still have a long way to go. This is just the Surface of everything else.
We will show more as time progresses, sorry for the delays and lack of updates.

Also feel free to ask questions, to update our page with a FAQ.

Before we go, please follow us on Facebook and Twitter. We have more Early builds of the game there.
Would be a cool idea if you follow us to show your support!

Facebook: https://www.facebook..._homepage_panel

That's all please stay tuned for new updates *grin*

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I feel Immature and Stupid

I had a small chit-chat with a friend. However i feel that she insulted my intelligence with many things. First off, i don't know if anyone takes me seriously due to my trolling and thinks i'm just a total moron. But what i wanted to address is my point of view on the world and is it really wrong and stupid? Now she tell me that i'm not apt to become a good person at all, telling me that i act and like a politician at all fronts. The ideology i have is immature and stupid, questioning my understanding of everything.

We humans prefer to survive society, those who work together create something called humanity. Thinking that the right in that believe in is wrong, such as loyalty and honesty. 


I'm losing my mind here and i don't know what to believe in, she didn't really give me much to explain at all. leaving me to question myself. Am i doing everything wrong at the moment? Then she criticized me of wasting valuable time playing games instead of thriving. I then realized that, is this me that she talking about? Or is she affecting me psychologically? Then she proceeded to say that i would never succeed with small victories that i have to search for much bigger ones instead. Get a life and become something different. She later said that i should stop eating things like meat and diary products. Eating Greens is something we're all obligated to do. Then i countered everything about that topic, no matter what i threw at her nothing made her budge...everything from animals is bad will eventually kill you. I just don't know anymore I-I never felt so attacked before. Everything i threw at her. Nothing. I don't know what to believe in anymore.


Mark, with all your years of life experience. Help me. Please someone help, me. I feel...i don't know what to feel anymore...i don't know what to think. I just can't even explain anything right. I feel tired and depressed. All my beliefs and ideology....

Are you all my friends?  Am i overthinking it? I can't process it very well. 


Goonlalagoon published a Development Blog Post in Games / RPG Maker XP / Hogwarts / Blog

1 week ago     0 Comments     28 Views burn and cauldron bubble...

Features added
  • Improved common room door choice system
  • Extended item categories
  • Overhaul of potions system

Still very busy with offline commitments, but managed to work on the potions system a fair bit - hence the title; recipes are dependent upon possesion of the correct book, brewing on a) having the ingredients & b) potions level/ability.
I've also made some tweaks to other features, particularly item categories (using Bob423's item menu script) and the common room door system (ForeverZer0's message choice window script, also key to the potions update), as well as doing a few bits and pieces of sprite/icon work that for the most part - if at all - won't yet be visible in the game.

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Perfect Storm: How to make a Thunderstorm in RMXP

This tutorial is going to teach you how to make a nice Thunderstorm in RMXP complete with sporadic lightning and thunder.

Emily Prout published a Forum Topic in Forums / RPG Maker XP Requests

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Horror sprites needed! RMXP

Hey all!
I can't seem to find horror related sprites anywhere!
So, you can either provide a link or a few or make them due to the guidelines ^^
So, I'm looking for somewhat grey skin, pure white eyes (No pupils) Lots of blood, missing body parts...etc.
If possible it would be amazing to have one of them dragging themselves by their arms, not necessary though.
Clothes wise, ripped, not much of  it, but 'private' parts covered at least.

Not looking for classic RMXP zombie.

I've provided the bases I've used before for sprites in my game, I just have no idea where to start with this. 

Thankyou to anyone willing to help!! :grin: :thumbsup:

James Anthony Hyatt published a Development Blog Post in Games / RPG Maker VX Ace / 1 on 1 : A Medabot Fan Game / Blog

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Ok so Im Back...I think....

Greetings one and all,

After a fairly long (and unintentional) absence I am back, and ready to start working on my project ponce again. At first I had a few RL issues that I had to deal with pertaining to my family’s health, then just when thought I was going to be able to get back to my project, I get slammed with a school project which I did manage to get done, but it was a close one, I really need to pay more attention to those notices my school sends out about the final projects for each class, lol.
Now after dealing with some personal; health issues myself, I am back and ready to get back into the swing of things.
All that being said…I have not just been completely ignoring my project, after a lot of sever testing and pressing of the f12 button I have figured out that the reason my game crashes isn’t because of a incapability issue between two scripts , it’s just straight up one script that is causing the game to be unstable, I tested it so much I think my f12 key is broken now and in a fresh project the target flash script I was using freezes the game 9 out of 10 times if you attack a target out of the order that it was placed in the troop index. So in either going to have to find a new flashing target script or figure out how to write my own, which is what I will probably end up doing since I have been able to find one ,other than the one I was using .SO yay more fun for me  ,lol

In all honesty I hope to be back on track shortly and soon hopefully if get the targeting issue fixed I will be able to at least post a new video and maybe even a very short demo.
Till then have fun and keep gaming.

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